61st Annual YMC Concerto Competition Awards Information

Certificates of Merit will be presented to all junior and senior contestants.

Junior Division winners will be notified on January 9, 2021.

Finalists for Senior Division advancement will be announced at a Facebook Live event at 6:00 pm on January 8, 2021. Finalists will also be notified via email or phone.

THE DECISION OF THE JUDGES WILL BE FINAL! Note: The judges reserve the right not to select a winner in any category per their discretion.

Junior Division – Grades 6 through 8 (Open to all student musicians)

The first place winner in each category (upper strings, lower strings, woodwinds, brass/percussion, and piano/harp) will receive a $500 cash prize.

Senior Division – Grades 9 through 12 (Current PYSO musicians only)

Up to twelve finalists will be selected to perform in the final round on Sunday, January 10, 2021.  The top two winners will receive the opportunity to perform their concerto with The Phoenix Symphony at Symphony Hall, date TBD.*  All finalists will win a scholarship to a camp or festival in order of their final ranking.* For additional information, please see Scholarship Rules. The top five finalists will be asked to perform at the Competition Winners Luncheon – Date and location TBD.

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, camp scholarship availability and the opportunity to perform with The Phoenix Symphony are subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Young Musicians Competition on Saturday, January 4th, 2020.

The Senior Division winners perform at the Competition Winners’ Luncheon. The Grand Prize Winner and Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner perform their concertos accompanied by The Phoenix Symphony at a Side-by-Side Concert.

Junior Division

Piano – Lawrence Wren
Brass/Percussion – Campbell Steward, Xylophone
Woodwind – Minjee Kim, Clarinet
Lower Strings – Alex Gong, Viola
Upper Strings – Jonathan Okseniuk, Violin

Senior Division


1st Place – Miles Fawson, Piano
2nd Place – Marina Tiffany, Harp


1st Place – Caroline Wu, Oboe
2nd Place – Andrew Kim, Clarinet
3rd Place – Daniel Walker **, Flute


1st Place – Caden Potter, Marimba

Lower Strings

1st Place – Vincent Claes, Cello
2nd Place – Jonathan Pak, Cello
3rd Place – Audrey Wang, Viola
4th Place – Tony Kim, Cello
5th Place – Feyi Adebekun, Cello

Upper Strings

1st Place – Audrey Wang, Violin
2nd Place – Sophia Zhang, Violin
3rd Place – Ethan Yang *, Violin
4th Place – Louisa Ma, Violin

* Grand Prize Winner
** Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner

Download 2020 Concerto Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Veronica Shi (piano)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Nicholas Villalobos (bass)

Grand Prize Winner: Emily Nebel (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner, Rachel Trenbeath (flute)

Grand Prize Winner: Mia Laity (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Angel Chen (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Angel Chen (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Samuel Park (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Rudy Chen (piano)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Mia Laity (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Anna Han (piano)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Peter Eom (cello)

Grand Prize Winner: Jalusha Kapoor (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Jeanelle Brierley (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Anes Sung (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Austen Yueh (clarinet)

Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer Chiang (flute)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Connie Zhu (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Tiffany Chang (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Linda Han (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Kathleen Wu (flute)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Brigit Fitzgerald (bassoon)

Grand Prize Winner: Bobae Johnson (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Tamachi Goodson (cello)

Grand Prize Winner: Belle Wang (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Bobae Johnson (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Claire Thai (harp)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Leo Kubota (cello)

Grand Prize Winner: Jessica Zhang (piano)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Belle Wang (violin)

Grand Prize Winner: Ethan Yang (violin)
Clotilde Otranto Prize Winner: Daniel Walker (flute)