2022 Music Memory will be on April 19, 2022 at Symphony Hall, Phoenix, AZ. More information to come soon!

Featuring the Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Matthew Kasper. Concerts are free to elementary school students, but reservations are required by school or homeschool group.

Partial funding for the PYSO 21/22 season is provided by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture through appropriations from the Phoenix City Council.

2021 (Last Season) Music Memory Information and Material:

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, The School of Ballet Arizona and Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestras are partnering together to perform Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. The performance will be recorded and available for viewing.

In addition, PYSO, in collaboration with The School of Ballet Arizona, has created an online, interactive musical adventure that lets students explore the worlds of music and dance, while learning simultaneously what it takes to be an artist dedicated to their craft.

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Music Memory is made possible through a generous grant from the William L. and Ruth T. Pendleton Memorial Fund.

Course design and development by Julie Salcedo (Education Outreach, PYSO) and Alexandra Papazian (Education and Community Engagement, Ballet Arizona). Video production including recording and editing by Brendan Anderson.


Technical issues or problems with the course? Contact Curt Landon, Operations Coordinator for PYSO.
Questions about the content or the Music Memory program? Visit our Contact page and choose “Music Memory”.

Education Concerts

Music Memory is a free enrichment program designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of symphonic music. It is designed for elementary grades, and is open to all schools in Maricopa County, public, private, and homeschool. This will be the 61st year of the Music Memory Program, which is made possible with funding provided by the William L. and Ruth T. Pendleton Memorial Fund. Since 1987 they have been this event’s sole supporters.

Arizona Morning Fox 10 News at Music Memory on February 4, 2020

Each year musical pieces are carefully selected to introduce young audience members to a different types of orchestral music. Teacher guides and student activities are available for teachers to use with their students before attending the concert.


For many students the Music Memory concert is their first experience attending a classical symphony concert.

A very special thanks to Ardith Shelley, former Fine Arts Supervisor for the Madison School District, who was instrumental in the development of the Music Memory Program. She served as its chairperson for twenty-one years.

2020 Program

Romeo and Juliet : Sergei Prokofiev

Lesson 1 Teacher Guide PYS2020MM
Lesson 2 Teacher Guide PYS2020MM
Lesson 3 Teacher Guide PYS2020MM
Lesson 4 Teacher Guide PYS2020MM

2020 Program

Romeo and Juliet : Sergei Prokofiev

Lesson 1 Student Activity AB PYS2020MM
Lesson 2 Student Activity CD PYS2020MM
Lesson 3 Student Activity E PYS2020MM
Lesson 4 Student Activity F PYS2020MM