I started playing the electric bass in third grade. After a few years, my teacher recommended I try playing upright bass in addition to the bass guitar. I thought it would be cool to play the upright bass in my schools elementary jazz band instead of the guitar, so my mom rented me one and gave it a shot. I believe less than a year later, in 6th grade, I auditioned for the Phoenix Symphony Guild. I was accepted, and started my journey as a member of the strings orchestra. I gradually climbed the rank into the Symphonette Orchestra, where I spent a couple years, then finished my remaining years through 2008 in the Youth Symphony. I remember how proud my mom was of me for being accepted into the top group in PSG. I was pretty stoked too, but I knew the real challenge and stress would come from auditioning for chair placements.

One of the greatest memories I experienced was our trip to China. I believe I was in Symphonette at the time. I still mention it to this day. Two other great memories were being accepted into the Youth Orchestra, then finally reaching the top two chairs. Competitions were also very rewarding.

PSG was my first exposure to positive attributes such as dedication, discipline, and most importantly passion for ones trade or hobby. I learned how hard work directly leads to big rewards, but most importantly that laziness and lack of care will lead to mediocre results at best. I carry these experiences into my business and personal life.