2020 Scholarship Auditions
January 5, 2020

1st* Ethan Yang Violin
2nd Miles Fawson Piano
3rd Marina Tiffany Harp
4th Audrey Wang Violin
5th Audrey Wang Viola
6th** Daniel Walker Flute
7th Jonathan Pak Cello
8th Caroline Wu Oboe
9th Vincent Claes Cello
10th Caden Potter Marimba
11th Andrew Kim Clarinet
12th Sophia Zhang Violin
13th Tony Kim Cello
14th Louisa Ma Violin
15th Feyi Adebekun Cello

*Grand Prize Winner
**Otranto Prize Winner

Download 2020 Scholarship Results


Competitors from the Young Musicians Competition (YMC) on Saturday are only eligible to be a Scholarship Audition contestant on Sunday if they (1) placed within their instrument category and (2) completed the scholarship portion of their application upon submission. The number of eligible scholarship contestants from each category is based on equal proportions of each category’s total competitors to the total number of Saturday YMC senior division competitors. {For example: 22 category A competitors out of a total of 76 YMC senior division competitors = 4 eligible category A scholarship contestants out of a total 15 scholarship contestants. 6 category B competitors out of a total of 76 YMC senior division competitors = 1 eligible category B scholarship contestant out of the total 15 scholarship contestants.} The number of contestants competing on Sunday may vary up to a total of 15.

Download Full Scholarship Competition Rules & Regulations

1. Submission of completed Scholarship Application Form at the time of submitting the Concerto Application.
2. Placed within their category in the YMC Senior Division, based on the equal proportions described above.
3. Changes to repertoire must be made prior to midnight November 6, 2019.
4. Perform the concerto played in the Youth Musicians Competition on Saturday. (Contrasting piece is not required)
5. Provide three copies of the solo to be performed for the judges’ use.  The copies must not contain any marks identifying the contestant or the teacher.  The copies must have all measures numbered and any cuts clearly marked.  All copies left will be destroyed after the auditions.
6. Each contestant will have up to 10 minutes of playing time for the concerto.

Download Full Scholarship Competition Rules & Regulations

Contestants are ranked by judges as to overall musical talent and preparedness for performing their concerto with The Phoenix Symphony. After the last performance on Sunday and judge’s deliberation, the following awards will be announced: Grand Prize; Clotilde Otranto Prize; and Ranking for Awards.


Grand Prize and Clotilde Otranto Prize: Prizes are awarded based on consideration of the following criteria:

  • Highest ranked contestant who has not previously received the Grand Prize or Clotilde Otranto Prize.
  • To be eligible for the Clotilde Otranto Prize, the contestant must be a current member of the Phoenix Youth Symphony Orchestral Training Program.
  • The Grand Prize and Clotilde Otranto Prize cannot be awarded to the same contestant in the same year.
  • No contestant can win the Grand Prize or the Clotilde Otranto Prize more than once.
  • Grand Prize and Clotilde Otrantro Prize winners will perform their concerto accompanied by The Phoenix Symphony on Wednesday, February 5, 2020.  Check that you are available for BOTH rehearsals before signing up:
    Rehearsals: Tuesday, January 29, 2020 at 6:30 pm AND Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 6:30 pm.
  • Grand Prize, Clotilde Otranto Prize and Senior first place winners from Saturday are to perform at the Competition Winner’s Luncheon on February 11, 2020 at 11:00 am.

Camp Scholarship Awards: The Camp Scholarships are offered to contestants in order of rank resulting from the Scholarship Auditions to music camps that PYS partners with.  No monetary award will be given in lieu of the camp scholarship.  The total number of scholarships offered depends on the camps selected and funds available.  There is no guarantee that all Sunday contestants will be offered camp scholarships.  No contestant may attend a camp we partner with more than twice.  Contestants, who have been offered a scholarship, must accept or decline their scholarship within two days of notification of being offered a scholarship.  Camp scholarship values range from $700-$8,000.  Camps vary from year to year and specific camp information will be provided upon announcement of ranking.

Decision of the Scholarship Audition judges is final.

Download Full Scholarship Competition Rules & Regulations

Scholarships are usually available to us from the following music camps (at estimated values based on summer 2015):

Adamant Music School (Piano), Adamant, Vermont $3000

Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Lenox, Massachusetts $2885-$6770

Brevard Music Center, Brevard, North Carolina $6300

Eastern Music Festival, Greensboro, North Carolina $5460

Greenwood Music Camp, Cummington, Massachusetts $6100

Idyllwild, California $2850

Illinois Summer Youth Music, Utabana Illinois $650

Innsbrook Institute, Innsbrook, Missouri $1100

Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen, Michigan $8380

Lamont Summer Music Academy, Denver, Colorado $1995

Madeline Island Music Camp, Madeline Island, Wisconsin $3198

String Quartet Camp and Bass Workshop, Mesa, AZ $265