First auditioned on trombone in 1973 my sophomore year.
I didn’t make it.  Determined, I worked hard and came back the following year and own my seat.  In my section were Mike Sheilans, Lloyd Wilkey and Steve Horne.  I joined the AZ National Guard 108th Army Band and went on active duty.  Assignments include UIS Army Band and Chorus, Europe and 10th Mountain Division Band.  I worked in the printing and packaging industry but always have enjoyed music.  I have played strings since 1999 abd restored and built violin family instruments since 2007.

13yrs trombone active and reserve Army Bands
Toured most of Europe 1982-1987.
Played trombone in community orchestras up to 2002
Nice folks introduced me to string quartets since 1999
Avid amateur chamber musician
Build and restore all arched strings
Completed my first cello in 2011 and played it in recital.
Attend workshops to sharpen my luthier skills.
Visit museums to sharpen my senses.
Host a chamber music event in my town

Tim Black 2

TimBlack 1