From my first moment in Symphonic Winds, PYS not only improved my playing immensely but has made a far better human being. Mr. Johnston, my conductor in Symphonic Winds, saw something in me and provided me with the opportunity to flourish in this incredible organization. I could not thank him enough for his support and guidance in my first 2 years of PYS.

During my time at PYS I was able to perform in unbelievably diverse settings that have definitely played a role in shaping my goals and passions. I have performed everywhere from Symphony hall to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. My PYS trip to Montreal/Quebec City even played a role in where I decided to go to college, which is McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Now although I do not plan on majoring in music, I do plan on keeping in touch with all the incredible people I befriended in PYS. PYS attracts the most extraordinary people, who have inspired me, made me laugh, and have picked me up when I was down. One of the most influential people I met in PYS was my conductor in Youth Symphony, Keitaro Harada. Every week for two years he reminded me to try my best all the time and to try put my all into everything I do (a lesson I know will definitely help me succeed in the future).

I have had an incredible experience in PYS, and I know I would not be where I am today without PYS.