I first auditioned for PSG (as it was called then) when I was ten years old, and didn’t make it in. When I was eleven, I auditioned again, and got into the String orchestra. I stayed in that orchestra for three years, got into Symphonette, staying in that orchestra for two years, and then got into Youth, where I stayed until I graduated.
Going to rehearsals on Wednesdays has been part of my life so long, that now that I’m out of the orchestra, I don’t know what to do on Wednesday nights. Around 6:30 PM, every Wednesday night, I now want to play my cello.

The trip to Chicago with the String Orchestra is what got me started on my hat collection (I’m up to 86 now!), I bought a hat for the trip because it was going to be cold, and it spiraled out of control after that.

In Symphonette, with Dr. Temme, who is tied with Kei to be my favorite conductor, I met Marcie, and we had a great time competing for first. I never did get it, but I was pretty happy with being second chair. A moment in Symphonette I think I will always remember, is when we played themes from the Indiana Jones movie, and Dr. Temme repelled from the ceiling.

In Youth, I got to play some amazing music, we had our busiest year, doing 11 concerts, and I met some amazing people. I got to participate in a conducting class, which was really cool. I’m so much more impressed by conductors now, I really wish I could have kept doing that.

I regret that I haven’t really stayed in touch with many of the people in the orchestra, and I really miss playing in such a big group. It’s a great experience to be in among all those extremely talented people, playing such wonderful music.